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CEO & Principal Consultant

François Royer

  • M.Sc., Ph.D.

Founder and Principal Consultant at Guanxi Labs, François is a recognized expert in cloud native architectures, digital strategy and IT due diligence for M&A.

Formerly Director at PwC Advisory and head of PwC's Datalab, a secure and scalable SAAS platform for analytics at scale. François led an A-team of software developers and architects to accelerate the delivery of innovative solutions to PwC's advisory clients in France & EMEA.

As a startup founder (acquired by PwC), François led the development of advanced and innovative data discovery and enrichment solutions, aimed at business critical applications where transparency and accountability are key. Led business activities and the development of new products for e-commerce, media, geospatial applications.

As as senior consultant, instructor and thought leader on Data & Analytics, François holds an innovative vision of what it takes to transform industrial processes through data, using transparent, auditable and interpretable machine learning technologies. This unique and differentiated vision is a game changer for businesses looking to accelerate man-machine interactions, augment operator productivity and efficiency, and build human-the-loop systems for critical applications.

François is an accomplished technologist mastering a wide range of programming languages and has been using Big Data tools since their inception.

Mixing an academic quantitative background and business understanding, François advocates an engineering approach to data science, with bottom-up model building, probabilistic programming and Bayesian models. Using cross-fertilization between scientific and engineering fields, François brings innovation to all areas of the industry.

Core strengths
  • Advanced data and AI literacy
  • Excellent consulting and problem solving skills
  • Software architecture and system proficiency to solve complex issues
  • Entrepreneurial spirit with a researcher's mind
Main achievements
  • Designed the target architecture and operating model for a Defence & Space industry leader, enabling a move towards software-as-a-service model, using cloud-native components (Kubernetes, containers, serverless).
  • Supported the move of a major luxury brand towards a unified data platform to power centralized analytics, a common customer repository, and aligned business users to become data-aware and proficient in analytics.
  • Architected and executed the blueprint for a world leading consultancy's Datalab, covering training, new processes and technology to serve consultants at scale.
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