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Technical due diligence
& asset valuation

Do you need help putting a price tag on a target's assets? We help you invest in confidence to create value from technology acquisitions.


Cloud architecture
& customer centric APIs

Let IT become a business partner for your customer facing team and even your CFO. Design Cloud-native, customer-centric services et take full advantage of the Cloud's model.


Visual management
& serious games

We provide situational awareness to make your strategy stronger. Discover a new way to look at your business and decide where to invest and compete.

We believe in Augmented Intelligence

We help you turn your enterprise into a learning organization. Guanxi Labs brings the tools and methods to deliver results while preserving your autonomy and digital sovereignity.

  • The right balance between data-driven and knowledge
  • A large toolbox of frameworks and innovative tools
  • A new customer experience for you and your collaborators

Our difference

We combine technical know-how and business acumen to deliver tailor-made services, aligned with your sector and your growth objectives. Using visual management tools, we are able to provide an engaging and efficient experience to C-level executives and make strategic decisions simple and well articulated.

  • A range of sector-specific maturity models
  • Visual and interactive management tools
  • A digital twin for your business

Your questions

From startup to large corporation, your IT strategy is essential to align teams, explain decisions, build a doctrine and navigate an investment roadmap. Our visual methodology is accessible and available to everyone accross the board.
Such projects require multidisciplinary alignment, and involve business stakeholders, market and product teams, in addition to IT staff. Through a common, shared language, everyone in the company can adopt a customer-centric approach by detailing the end user experience, from start to finish, and take decisions based on value to the customer.
We do offer training on highly specific areas, such as using Machine Learning to model customer journeys, or setting up data architectures for customer experience monitoring, or simulation to anticipate risks in your supply chain. For custom offerings, please get in touch.
We focus on the problem space first and foremost, through discovery workshops aimed at detailing your value chain and producing a roadmap. Then, we can co-construct, deeply embedded within your team, the right set of solutions. We strive for your autonomy - you shouldn't need us afterwards, but we will be happy to conduct a tech and market watch to keep you in the know, and work again together.

Tools, methods and use cases


Domain Driven Design - la conception pilotée par le domaine métier

Connaissez-vous le DDD? Il s'agit d'une approche structurée pour organiser les connaissances métier et concevoir des services logiciels robustes et adaptés à votre domaine, quel que soit votre secteur.


Guanxi Labs et l'innovation au service du conseil en stratégie

L'industrie du conseil vit sa propre révolution avec les nouveaux usages digitaux, le modèle économique du Cloud et la numérisation de la connaissance... Comment faire pour rester à la pointe?

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