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Our Digital Factory

Management and strategy consulting is being disrupted...
We are creating innovating tools to address complex issues in the enterprise.
Our Digital Factory is able to bring to market 4-6 SAAS products every year.

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Service design

Txime turns ideas from brainstorming sessions into a working prototype, in real time. Say goodbye to software specs!

  • For product managers
  • For UX designers and consultants
  • For API developers and integrators
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Business planning

Build and run "what-if" scenarios, or model your entire value chain thanks to a digital twin of your business.

  • For strategy consultants
  • For financial analysts
  • For the CFO
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Data architecture

Map all your data flows from source to use case, plan your Cloud migration, and invest better in your IT.

  • For enterprise architects
  • For go-to-cloud consultants
  • For FinOps
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IT Audit & due diligence

A smart self-service audit tool to run IT due diligence, identify risks, find red flags and better value technology assets.

  • For IT auditors
  • For the CTO/CIO